History of The Alley Chat Room
The Alley Chat Room was originally on this page, thealley, where countless numbers of people would chat daily about politics, news and other topics that those in the chat room found interesting. The Alley was one of the first chat rooms on the net and one of the first places people could discuss politics. Most members were conservative as well as libertarian and independent.  

Give us your stories and history of The Alley chat room to be included here of how it became such a success over the early years of the internet. Also include user names of chatters to be listed on our hall of fame page.
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The Alley was a chat room that had connections to other well known political and news sites such as the FreeRepublic and Lucianne news site. Many will remember fondly of the Alley chat room that was most active around the turm of the millennium and before.